Pros and cons of outsourcing mobile app development

Pros and cons of outsourcing mobile app development

There are several advantages and some disadvantages of outsourcing your application development. Some of the disadvantages maybe that you may not be in touch with your development team on a perpetual basis. Another issue is that you may have not met them face to face. Also, you may not know about their credibility ,etc

But I feel that the advantages far outweigh the cons. The trade off is much better skewed towards outsourcing your non core activity like application development entirely. If you find a ‘good team’ which is the right fit for your app development project, the relationship could last a life time! It could be such a pleasant that they might end up as your extended app development team. It would be more like a family than a vending company.

There may be endless app development outsourcing horror stories. Believing them at face value may be the most foolish pre conceived notion that a corporation CEO may have. He would in that case miss out of the multi pronged benefits of engaging with a skilled and experienced app development team. The key is to identify a good app development team.Also constantly keep monitoring their progress when it come to them handling your projects. Here it would be a good idea to develop a close working relationship with the project manager and the owners,CXO’s,etc of the company you have outsourced too.

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